Sixty six Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine candidates graduate at Makerere

TODAY, Makerere University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (COVAB) will be presenting candidates for the award of PhDs, Masters and Bachelors degrees in different disciplines and specialties.

Among the graduands are sixty six (66) Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine candidates that will be joining the veterinary fraternity.

“As a college and higher education training institution we are gratified to contribute to the human resource capacity that is highly needed to not only transform our nation Uganda for the better but the world at large. With joy, guidance and humility, I encourage everyone to welcome them to the field as we build for a better future for generations to come,” said Professor Frank Norbert Mwiine (PHD), the CoVAB Principal, Makerere University.

He made a clarion call to everyone in the field to update themselves by attaining more technologically advanced knowledge in the field of a science of their choice to be at per with colleagues locally and worldwide.

“As we match majestically to the freedom square this morning I leave this statement to strengthen you, ‘the future does not belong the the fainthearted but the brave’. Congratulations to our new cohort. As we build for the future. ”

UVA President Kasibule( midle) joined the Makerere fraternity for today's graduation
UVA President Dr Daniel Kasibule ( middle) joined the Makerere fraternity for today’s graduation
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