About Us

Uganda Veterinary Association (UVA) a legally registered professional association. It boasts of a big membership of more than 987 veterinarians distributed widely throughout the country with some of them holding key decision-making positions in government and other institutions. It is among the biggest and well organized professional associations in the country having a fully fledged secretariat with five operational regional branches. Its main preoccupation is engagement in community development programs; animal welfare; policy advocacy; promotion of professional standards and welfare of its members. To do this, it works with government and several local and international non-governmental organizations and institutions.

UVA is recognized and highly regarded by government, national and international bodies. It therefore associates and partners with a number of national and international bodies e.g. it is a member of the World Veterinary Association; member of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association; member of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda; etc.

Because of the important socio-economic role the animal industry plays in the country and due to the good working relationship with other agencies and bodies in the animal sector, UVA is represented on a number of national committees for policy development.

UVA Leadership

The activities of the Association are managed and supervised by a team of dynamic and visionary members democratically elected to office by the General Assembly every two years. The current members of the Executive are (2022-2024)

Dr. Daniel Kasibule


Dr. Nabadda Sitenda Madrine

Vice President

Dr. Bonifance Obbo

General Secretary

Dr. Geoffrey Mukama

Deputy General Secretary

Dr. Ben Ssenkeera


Dr. Justine Wobusobozi

Deputy Treasurer

Dr. Maureen Mayanja

Committee Member

Dr. William Blatter Ssendaula

CVA Councilor

Dr. Merab Acam

Committee Member

Dr. Amanya Joseph

Committee Member
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